Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nets' Devin Harris STUnned

The New Jersey Nets' point guard Devin Harris was STUnned and STUpied by a guy named Stuart Tanner during a one-on-one pick- up basketball game in a playground in the United Kingdom recently.

This guy Stu showed some great ball- handling skills and deft moves as he blitzed pass a game Harris on the way to the basket, embarrassing the NBA point guard in the process.

Of course, the good- natured Harris just laughed it off but to Stuart Tanner, it was another story added to his lore as a playground legend in the UK.

But it will be another story had it occurred in a real NBA game but for entertainment purposes; it was good while it lasted.

Watch the short clip below and enjoy-

Read the story from Basketball 24/7- Here

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