Monday, November 3, 2008

Trading Places: The Answer for Mr. Big Shot et al

My home team, the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets have made the decision to exchange point guards. Allen Iverson will wear the Pistons jersey for at least a year while it will be a homecoming of sorts for Denver native Chauncey Billups and original Nugget Antonio McDyess (who was added together with reserve center Cheikh Samb to sweeten the deal and create some salary cap rooms in the Pistons locker).

The Pistons are looking to Iverson to finally Answer the riddle why they always end up stuck in the Eastern Conference Finals the last four years despite going all the way to the championships in 2004 while the Denver Nuggets are looking to Mr. Big Shot’s shots in the crucial stages of the game to finally get over the hump which is the First Round of the NBA playoffs.

Whether this blockbuster trade will work out and benefit both teams remains to be seen. At least for now, both teams are happy and think that they made the right decisions to make their teams better and their fans happy. But one thing’s sure; these players albeit in the waning years of their careers will have a sudden impact in their new teams.

Hoop Notes: If the Nuggets will waive him off, just let McDyess go back to the Pistons, the guy just has class and still got some game left in his 34 year old body. But only if the Nuggets will once again decide to part ways with him for the third or will this turn out to be the third time’s a charm for him in Denver?

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