Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guinness records Mazon as its 10-ball World Series of Pool Champion

Jundel Mazon, the unheralded cue artist from the Philippines, ruled the Guinness World Series of Pool 10- ball Championship with a 10-5 win over Indonesian and crowd favorite Irsal Nasution in Jakarta, Indonesia to record his first ever tournament win.

Given up for dead in the finals when his opponent raced to a 5-1 lead in an alternate- break format, Mazon shocked his opponent and the partisan Indonesian crowd with deft safeties and precise pocketing and slowly but surely clawed back from the huge deficit to win 9 straight racks for the win.

Jundel Mazon, unlike his more illustrious compatriots like Ronnie Alcano, Lee Van Corteza and Dennis Orcullo, the 34- year old player from the Negros Billiard Stable was not expected win the tough tournament.

Mazon won the World Series 10- ball crown and the $40,000 pot money that goes with it, no mean feat for a player who has never won a major tournament even in his own country and has now found himself to be the king of pool overseas.

Aside from the Filipino big guns, the tournament also attracted the presence of several big names in the international billiard circuit like Darren Appleton of Great Britain, Ralph Souquet of Germany, and Shane Van Boening of the United States, just to name a few.

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